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Cartglu Homepage - FAQs

The Cartglu experience was designed so you can easily surface ideas, drive conversations, and discover topics you care about. Your homepage is the landing page you reach when you first sign in to your Cartglu account. It includes your feed, access to your connections, profile, messages, and notifications. Your Cartglu Feed contains posts from your network, companies you follow, and more.

Check out some of these frequently asked questions about the Cartglu Homepage.

What features are within the top navigation bar and how do I access features I don't see in the navigation?

To access additional features and products: Click the Work icon at the top right corner of your Cartglu homepage to launch other products that matter to you, like Cartglu Learning or Groups.

How do I search on Cartglu?

The Cartglu Search bar at the top of every page allows you to search for people, jobs, posts, companies, groups, and schools. You can click any of the search suggestions that appear in the dropdown list as you type or generate your search to see the full results. To search for jobs, you can click the Jobs icon in the homepage and search for jobs in the Jobs homepage.

Am I able to sort updates in my feed?

You can now sort top and recent updates in your feed. Learn more about sorting your feed or you can check out how to customize and manage the content that appear in your feed.

How do I customize my feed?

Your Cartglu Feed can be customized, by following or unfollowing people and companies, hiding content in your feed that you don't want to see, and reporting inappropriate content. Check out additional information on customizing your feed.

How do I share an update or post?

You can use the share box to share your thoughts, articles or other content directly from your Cartglu homepage.

What is the difference between editing my profile and my public profile?

Your public profile appears when people search for you using a public search engine like Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc. as well as on other third party applications and platforms, subject to your privacy settings. You can change your public profile to turn on or off the sections you want visible on public search engines. When you edit your profile, not all sections are visible automatically on your public profile. To customize which sections are visible, you must first go to your Public Profile page.

Click the Me icon at the top of your Cartglu homepage.
Click View profile.
On your profile page, click Edit your public profile in the right rail.
Under the section Customize Your Public Profile in the right rail, select or unselect the public profile sections you'd like to hide and unhide.
To change the text displayed on your public profile, you first must edit your profile from the Profile page.

Click the Me icon at the top of your Cartglu homepage.
Click View profile.
Make any edits to the sections you'd like to change.

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